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  • June Guest Curator Robert Mahoney

    Robert Mahoney reviewed art for 25 years in New York City for publications ranging from Arts and Flash Art magazines, to Artnet online, to Time Out New York. He taught at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He is scheduled to teach a graduate seminar, Art and Agency, at Univ. of Nebraska Lincoln in Fall, 2015, and is curating The Picture of.....an agency-oriented consideration of some of the portraiture in the Marxhausen Collection of Concordia College, Seward, NE, in October. 

    I would classify this little exercise as part of my Nemeton series, in which I am exploring altered states of consciousness originally developed at sacred sites (nemeton means sacred place, nymph comes from same word). Nympholepsy would be what Plato called the reverie state of such places, and such hypnogagy includes paraeidolia and apophenia, that is, seeing things, of all kinds, dermographia, or seeing words in things, but this would also include several states leading to fear, including suspense, uncertainty and phobias (suggested by the use of the color black). All this work evokes a light sleep reverie state where nonrational thinking takes over, here purposely cultivated to induce in a space a sense of sacredness.